Päivä: 10.4.2024

SM Vakio ja RS aikataulu ja osallistujalistat julkaisussa

JULKAISTU: 10.4.2024, KATEGORIAT: Yleinen

SM Vakio- ja RS -kilpailun 2024 lopullinen aikataulu on julkaistu molempien kilpailutapahtumien kutsuissa.

SM Vakio -osallistuja löytyy kilpailutapahtuman kutsusta.

SM RS -osallistujalista lisätään kilpailukutsuun 10.4.2024.

Tervetuloa Saloon!

WDSF DJ STD/LAT Online Congress 25.4.2024

JULKAISTU: 10.4.2024, KATEGORIAT: Koulutustiedotteet

WDSF Academy:

We would like to inform you that the WDSF Academy has commenced registration for the ”WDSF DJ STD/LAT Congress” in On-line Virtual, allowing your members to fulfil the educational requirements for their WDSF DJ licence.

New license applications
You cannot register candidates of new DJ licenses to this congress unless they have completed all necessary steps of their license application. Only candidates who have completed the entire license application before 11 Apr 2024 23:59 GMT are permitted to register to this congress.

Registering officials to the congress
Please register your officials in the National Administration page.
Closing date for existing license holders is on 19 Apr 2024 23:59 GMT.


25 April 2024


On-line – Virtual


You must be logged in to register to this congress.

  • If you already are a WDSF official please log in with your WDSF user name and password and register to the congress online.
  • Registration and payment for this congress will end on 23 April 2024 23:59 GMT.


12:00pm CEST


This congress is relevant to the fulfilment of educational requirements for WDSF DJ License for STD/LAT discipline.


The Congress is open for new candidates and observers.
All new applicants for the WDSF DJ STD/LAT license must first submit their application via their NMB (RLS Administrator) to the Academy (online, through WDSF website) to be able attend this congress.


To be confirmed


11:00am Registration
12:00pm Start of the Congress
4:00pm End of the Congress


The congress will be held online through the Zoom platform. Participants will need a free version of the program.

To participate in the congress, it is required to register and pay a registration fee of 80 CHF, after which the detailed instructions for participation in the congress will be sent by email together with Zoom platform link.


May 9, 2024


New Candidates’ applications (to be submitted by National Federation) no later than 21 Apr 2024, 23:59 GMT

Congress registration and payment shall close on 23 Apr 2024, 23:59 GMT

All payment must be made online, no late registration will be accepted.