Päivä: 10.11.2021

Lisäinfoa Israel: MM U21 10t ja MM J2 vakio 27.-28.11.2021

JULKAISTU: 10.11.2021, KATEGORIAT: Yleinen

Ohessa uunituore lisäinfo Israelista (päiväys 10.11.2021):

Dear WDSF Member Bodies,

Many are contacting us regarding the entry procedere to Israel.

Please note that to the previous E-mail was attached the following link explaining all the relevant regulation – https://corona.health.gov.il/en/directives/air-travel-covid19-green/?tab=by-air.


Secondly, as we understand some athletes have problems regarding vaccination,

Please be so kind and register the couples to the WDSF World Championship as soon as possible and write to us the persons with such problem describing what they are.


Please also be so kind and regarding the athletes that have problems with vaccination, send us a copy of their passports, and we will forward the information to our National Health department doing our absolute best in order to get approval for their entry (that is why we ask of you to do it as soon as possible).


Third, as many dancers and coaches are contacting us, especially regarding the WDSF WC U-21 Ten Dance,

Please be so kind and inform your couples and coaches that the registration to the WDSF World Championship is done through the National Member Bodies.

No registration from the couples themselves or the coaches will be accepted.


Should you have any questions or problems please contact the organizers directly via E-mail: WORLDCHAMPISRAEL@gmail.com