Kuukausi: syyskuu 2021

WDSF tiedottaa: Rankinglista päivittyy, eCard-uusiminen ajankohtaista

WDSF tiedottaa 3.9.2021:

Dear Athletes,
Hope this communication finds you well.

Due to the announcement of the Relaunching of the WDSF World Ranking List from September 1st, 2021 (linkki avautuu toisella verkkosivustolla) I would like to inform you that the WDSF Ranking will work as usual. If some of you notice that you can not find yourself or other athletes in the WDSF Ranking System, this may be due to the expiration of licenses. This is particularly important for the couples in the TOP 50 places of the WDSF World Ranking List.

As you already know, the WDSF World Ranking List is determined on the 1st day of each month. Due to the exceptional situation
we are living in I would like to announce that a grace period will be given to athletes to renew their licenses to appear in the
WDSF Ranking List for September. This period will be finished on 14th of September at 23:59 GMT. The ranking will be updated
on the next day accordingly and will be reflected in the Ranking List for September.

Also, I would like to emphasize that the period from April 2020 till September 1st 2021 is not taken into account for the period of
calculation (12 months) of the WDSF Ranking Points.

If you have any doubts regarding renewal of your license please communicate to your National RLS.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: please contact your national federation to RENEW your existing license and DO NOT CREATE A NEW ONE.

Looking forward to seeing all of you on the competition floor.
Nenad Jeftic
WDSF Vice-President for Sport