WDSF eCard tilattavissa 1.10.2017 alkaen

WDSF tiedottaa 1.10.2017:

”As announced previously we are retiring the plastic WDSF ID-Cards and are using the new, digital WDSF e-Card in October.

Athletes who want to join the WDSF can now apply for a WDSF e-Card here: https://ecards.worlddancesport.org/

Athletes which already have a valid plastic WDSF ID-Card do not have to apply for a digital WDSF e-Card. We will send all existing and active WDSF athletes instructions on how they can convert to the new WDSF e-Card.”

Lisätietoa: https://www.worlddancesport.org/News/WDSF/WDSF_E-Card-2493  ja https://www.worlddancesport.org/News/WDSF/New_e-Card_II-2495

Lisää infoa siis tulossa vielä lähipäivinä!

(ks.myös https://www.dancesport.fi/2017/09/14/ennakkotieto-wdsf-id-card-muuttuu-wdsf-ecard-muotoon-1-10-2017/)