Ensimmäinen WDSF DJ -kongressi 12.11.2021

DJ laitteetWDSF tiedottaa uudesta vakio- ja latinalaistanssikilpailujen DJ-kongressista:

Dear Organisers,
Music is the essential part of DanceSport and therefore it needs to be very carefully treated during our WDSF Title Events, World Ranking Competitions and all types of Games and Qualifiers.

Topics such as: quality of sound, copyrights, appropriateness for the age categories, interaction with an orchestra (if any), management of music during AJS competitions, WDSF Protocol related to music among others will be treated in the education for DJ. A minimum standards related to music need to be established for all WDSF Events.

From January 1st 2022 the WDSF DJ license will be mandatory for all WDSF Title Events and Grand Slams. One of the reasons for implementation of this license is to make DJs accountable for their work and will be mandatory for all other WDSF events in the near future.

First WDSF DJ Congress will be online and will take place on November 12th 2021 at 16:00 CET. The procedure for registration will be usual, through the NMBs. The second congress will be announced soon.