Uusi Päivitys 4.10.: Maailmanmestaruus U21 vakio 20.10.2018 Romania

JULKAISTU: 4.10.2018, KATEGORIAT: Kansainväliset asiat, Vakio- ja latinalaistanssit

Uusi päivitys 4.10.:

Huomatkaa ilmoittautumiset liiton kautta, ei sähköpostitse.

Toimisto on arkisin auki klo 15 saakka toimisto(at)tanssiurheilu.fi

We received many registrations via e-mail. The local organizer ask me to remind you that we cannot confirm accommodation and transfer for those registrations.

We postpone the registration deadline until Sunday, 7th October 23:59.  After this date, we CANNOT guarantee anymore your couples transfers and accommodation to World Championship U21 Standard 2018.


Päivitys 13.9.:

Muistattehan ilmoittautumiset 19.9. mennessä.

Tässä viestiä järjestäjältä:

Traveling expenses must be paid by the couples.
Hotel accommodation with breakfast up to 2 nights (from Friday June 8th to Sunday June 10th for two persons in one double room) paid by the organizer.

Organizer provides for one coach, officially delegated by Federation, one ticket Free of charge for 20th of September with seat and free access into coaching-zone within couple’s area. Please inform organizer about it, until maximum 10th of September.

All participants of Championship should take part in Opening Parade of the Evening Part!

The official banquet for all the couples of  WDSF World Championship U21 Standard will take place on Saturday evening, after the competition.

A picture for each couple is required and should have 45 x 35 mm. The form include the details regarding couples, accompanying person, hotel reservation, shuttle transfer and VIP tickets booking.


MM-kilpailut U21 vakiotansseissa pidetään 20.10.2018 Timisoarassa, Romaniassa.

Ilmoittutumiset toimisto(at)tanssiurheilu.fi 19.9.2018 mennessä.

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