WDSF tiedottaa: Kaksi uutta AJS -kongressia kalenteroitu

JULKAISTU: 19.12.2017, KATEGORIAT: Koulutustiedotteet, Vakio- ja latinalaistanssit

Several licensed adjudicators have contacted the WDSF Academy and requested for AJS courses in the early part of 2018. In view of this we have now approved the change of WDSF Adjudicator’s congress in Alicante, Spain on 15 Jan 2018 to an AJS Course from 15 to 16th Jan 2018. The details are as follows:

Congress: WDSF Absolute Judgement Course

Date: 15 Jan to 16 Jan 2018

Time: 10:00 am to 6:30 pm

Country: Spain


Nearest Airport: Alicante Airport

Organizer: Spanish DanceSport Federation

Venue/Address: Hotel Melia Villaitana

Lecturer: To Be Confirmed

GK Test: YES

Contact Person: Valeri Ivanov – Email: dancesportcup@gmail.com

Adjudicators who need only to attend a regular congress can do so on 15th Jan 2018, one day only and pay the normal CHF 100 fee.


In addition, we wish to remind you that there will also be an AJS Course in Tokyo as follows:

Congress: WDSF Absolute Judgement Course (JS 3.0)

Date: 26 and 27 February 2018

Time: 10:00 am to 6:30 pm

Country: Japan

City: Tokyo

Nearest Airport: Narita (68km) or Haneda (14km) Airport

Organizer: Japan DanceSport Federation

Venue/Address: JDSF DanceSport Training Center (DTC), NTT Ariake Bld., 3-4-2 Ariake, Koutou-Ku, Tokyo, 135-0063, Japan

Lecturers: To be Confirmed

GK Test: YES

Contact Person : Kiyotaka Uzaki email : kuzaki@oita-u.ac.jp

Adjudicators who need only to attend a regular congress can do so on 26th Feb 2018, one day only and pay the normal CHF 100 fee.

Course Content:

  1. The evolution of WDSF Judging System.
  2. Principles of Absolute Judgement.
  3. Definition and usage of Performance Assessment Standards(PAS).
  4. Definition and usage of Indicative Qualities (IQs).
  5. Practical Assessment using Absolute Judgement.

Test/Examination :

Part I : Theory test(Multiple choice) on PAS and IQS taught in the course and information in the WDSF Adjudicator’s Handbook. Once the entry is being received by the WDSF Academy through the National Federation, a copy of the WDSF Adjudicator’s Handbook will be emailed to all participants free of charge. Participants should register as early as possible and start preparing for the exam by reading and understanding the Handbook.

Part II : Practical Test(watch a video performance, analyse the performance, identify the qualities and award the points)

To pass the test, participants must past both Theory and Practical modules of the test. Participants who passed only one module may reschedule a retest for the failed module.

Conditions for Retest:

  1. Retest applicants must have attended and paid for an AJS or JS 2.1 course previously.
  2. Up to 2 FREE retests is allowed within a period of 18 months from the date of the failed test.
  3. Applicants who failed a single module of the test (either practical or theory) may sit for the retest of the failed module only.
  4. Retest applicants will not be permitted to attend the AJS Course but may be present to take the retest at the appropriate time. Latecomers will not be entertained.
  5. Retest applicants may attend the AJS Course at a discounted price of CHF 125 or Euro 120.

Application and Course Fee :

Trainers who wish to formulate training based on the judging criteria can apply to attend this course as an observer through their respective National Federation.

Course Fee(2 days): CHF 250( Euro 235) paid in advance through the National Member body or pay CHF 255(Euro 240) on the day. Registration starts 45 minutes before the course starts and end 15 minutes before the commencement of the course.

Please send your entries to WDSF Academy as soon as possible so we can forward you a copy of the Adjudicator’s Handbook.

All participants must bring either a laptop, Mac Book, tablet or any android or Apple iPhone/iPad  for practice with the AJS.

Please note that we will no longer accept walk-in applicants who do not submit their entries through the National Federation. I regret that the option of walk-in participant (turn up on the day without making prior entry) is no longer available as it create numerous admin problems and often adjudicators do not provide clear and accurate names as on WDSF website. This resulted in a lot of wasted effort to trace and update official records. Furthermore the academy needs to print and prepare the correct number of exam papers. Without proper entries this is not possible.