WDSF Sports Commission tiedottaa 31.7.2020 – Senioreiden kilpailut peruttu

JULKAISTU: 31.7.2020, KATEGORIAT: Kansainväliset asiat, Vakio- ja latinalaistanssit

WDSF Sports Commission on tiedottanut tänään illansuussa 31.7.2020 peruvansa kaikki senioreiden kilpailut loppuvuodelta. Alla ote kansallisille liitoille toimitetusta viestistä:

Due to the current situation in the world regarding the pandemic COVID-19 which you are all very aware of, we take this opportunity to inform you that, unfortunately, due to the higher health risk to Senior athletes, all WDSF Senior Championships, and competitions scheduled to take place from September to December this year, will be cancelled until further notice. 

We believe that you all know very well that this was a difficult decision but as a responsible Sports Federation WDSF had no choice and ensure that we eliminated the risks and protected the health of all our Senior athletes.

Päivitys 5.8.2020: Lisätietoa tulossa! (linkki avautuu toisella sivustolla) https://www.worlddancesport.org/News/