Wdsf tuomarikongressit elokuussa Stuttgartissa

JULKAISTU: 17.4.2018, KATEGORIAT: Kansainväliset asiat, Yleinen

Please be informed that the WDSF Academy, DTV and the GOC GmbH will be organising the following congresses at hotel Maritim, Stuttgart, Germany, The schedule of the available congresses are as follows:

Sunday 5 Aug 2018 – Standard and Latin Discipline Chairperson’s Congress

Time: 12pm to 4pm – Licensed Chairman and New Applicants

Time : 4pm to 7pm – New Applicants

Course Fee : CHF 100

Monday 6 Aug 2018 – Multiple  Discipline (ShowDance and Formation DanceSport) Adjudicator’s Congress

Time 10am to 6pm

Course Fee : CHF 100

Licensed adjudicators who attend this congress will be awarded added qualification on ShowDance and Formation DanceSport. This qualification will be taken into account for selection of judges for the ShowDance and Formation DanceSport Championships. Adjudicators are encouraged to participate in this upgrading congress which will also qualify for a 2 years extended validity of the Adjudicator’s license.

Monday 6 Aug 2018 – WDSF Scrutineers Licensing Congress

Time : 7pm to 9pm

Course Fee : CHF 50

We are glad to inform you that the on-line registration for congresses is now available, this new process save time, cost and make it more convenient for everyone.

All existing WDSF officials (Except for Scrutineers Licensing Congress) can sign up to a congress themselves and do not need to go through their national member body. The congress fee must be paid by the Adjudicator/Chairperson directly when signing up. This will save you additional work in managing their registration forms and collecting the fees. We made a short tutorial video on the process of registration here: https://youtu.be/qtPG_s3eHbQ

For new applicants of a WDSF adjudicator’s/Chairperson’s license or observers at a WDSF congress, the registration can only be done by the WDSF NMB. The NMB can pay for the applicant online or delegate the payment  to the applicant. Please view this tutorial video on how to register a new applicant/participant to a WDSF congress: https://youtu.be/boPTsNeLrvo

These tutorial videos will also be available here: https://www.worlddancesport.org/Rule/Official/Education/RLS_Management


Shawn Tay

Chairman WDSF DanceSport Academy