Welcome to Finnish Open Dance Sport Championships!

JULKAISTU: 3.2.2017, KATEGORIAT: Kansainväliset asiat, Yleinen

Dear DanceSport Friends,

We are glad to welcome you to Finnish Open DanceSport Championships – the biggest Finnish DanceSport tournament and the host of WDSF Grand Slam Series in Helsinki on 17-19 of March 2017.

Schedule with starting times of each category has been published here. More specific schedule will be published closer to the event.

We are also happy to announce that Finnish Open Dance Sport Championships 2017 is now officially accepted as a part of Finland 100 celebration program. Learn more…

The official web page of the tournament: www.finlandopen.fi

Competition groups at Finnish Open:

17 March 2017 18 March 2017 19 March 2017
Rising Stars La WDSF GrandSlam St WDSF GrandSlam La
Rising Stars St WDSF PD Open La WDSF PD Open St
WDSF Senior 2 St WDSF Youth Open ST WDSF Youth Open La
WDSF Senior 2 La WDSF Senior 1 Open La WDSF Senior 1 Open St
WDSF Senior 3 St FOC Junior 1 Open La FOC Junior 2 Open La
FOC Senior 3 La FOC Junior 1 Open St FOC Junior 2 Open St
WDSF Senior 4 St FOC Juvenile 1 Open La FOC Juvenile 2 Open La
FOC Senior 4 La FOC Juvenile 1 Open St FOC Juvenile 2 Open St
FOC Juvenile Open 1+2 (E-D)
FOC Beginners under 9
FOC Wheels Combi 1-2 St
FOC Wheels Combi 1-2 La
FOC Wheels Duo 1-2 La
FOC Wheels Duo 1-2 St


On-line entry is open now here. Online entry will close down on March 9, 2017. Wheelchair dance competition entries by March 3 by email to: info (ät) finlandopen.fi.
Learn more about wheelchair dance competitions…


The tournament will take place at the largest Finnish Venue, Helsinki Expo and Convention Center. Learn more…


Our hotel partners offer many hotels in Helsinki with lower prices than you can find through internet hotel agencies. All prices include breakfast. In order to get lower prices you should reserve all hotels through this link.

The main hotel of the competition – Holiday Inn Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre. The hotel is connected to the competition place, which makes it very easy for the competitors. The main hotel is selling out very quickly, so be ready to reserve it soon before all rooms are gone.

You can reserve it using this link.


DJ MAKSY during the day and Live music by the orchestra during the Evening Gala.


Hairstyle and makeup services are offered at the competition place. To learn more and book your time go here.


A distinctive feature of this tournament is that it is a part of the biggest sports exhibition in Finland. Dancers and guests of the tournament may also visit other interesting exhibitions in the same building complex, such as the exhibition of horses, golf, cycling, athletics and others, having an opportunity to participate in lotteries, buy interesting products and much more. The ticket to Finnish Open will automatically include the possibility to visit all the exhibitions throughout the day.

VIP table seat area is selling out very quickly so be in time to reserve it here.


To be updated with the latest news about Finland Open, special offers and important information for competitors join and follow us on FaceBook eventFaceBook Group for competitors… and Instagram.

Welcome to Finnish Open DanceSport Championships 2017!

WDSF GrandSlam Helsinki 2017

Organizing Committee


info (at) finlandopen.fi