WDSF Open Forum ”Dance Revolution” Stuttgartissa 8.8.2018

JULKAISTU: 23.7.2018, KATEGORIAT: Kansainväliset asiat

WDSF Chief Executive Officer tiedottaa German Openiin menijöille:

I am pleased to announce the introduction of our first “Dance Revolution” Open Forum. The details are as follows:


  1. establish a session with interaction between WDSF Presidium Members, athletes, Coaches and Organisers.
  2. present and discuss on new projects, policies that will make constructive changes and improvement to the WDSF Competition system
  3. present new measures to counter competition manipulations
  4. discuss on suggestions from athletes, coaches and organisers

Date and Time

Wednesday, 8 Aug 2018 – 12pm to 5pm


Saal Maritim, Breakfast Room, Hotel Maritim, Stuttgart (GER)


  1. PD managing board members (only those who are present in Stuttgart)
  2. AC managing board members (only those who are present in Stuttgart)
  3. All Chair of Sports Commission and senior advisors, Michael Eichert and Heinz Spaeker
  4. WDSF Presidium Members (only those who are present in Stuttgart)

Topics of Discussion/Presentation

  1. Immediate Counter Competition Manipulation Measures – Shawn Tay
  2. Development Programme of WDSF PD – Verena Sulek, PD Management Board
  3. Athletes involvement in granting of WDSF Title events – Shawn Tay, Ashli Williamson
  4. Development of WDSF with Competition organisers – Shawn Tay, Valdis Skutans
  5. Suggestions for sports development and involvement of WDSF Coaches – Shawn Tay, Antoni Czyzyk

All coaches, athletes and administrators from National Member bodies are welcome (strictly for WDSF members only).